Polish Remover

Story Sent in by Tim:

On my first date with Debra we were hanging out in a pretty downtown area. As we walked we talked about our families and heritages. She was part Greek, part Turkish, and part French. I told her I was half Italian, half Polish. She laughed at that.

"Polish?" she snorted, "Like stupid-Polish? People are actually Polish? I thought it was just a joke."

I said, "Nope. I'm Polish on my father's side."

She laughed out loud again and said, "So are you like an idiot?"

I frowned and asked, "Copernicus, Chopin, and Marie Curie were all Polish. Who says that Poles are idiots?"

She said, "Oh, you know. Everyone. It's in every joke."

I lied, "I haven't heard those jokes."

She said, "Probably because you're some idiot Polish!" She laughed once more, then pointed at me and barked at a guy who was walking past us, "Oh my God, he's totally Polish!"

The guy ignored her and hurried on.

Her laughter quieted down and I heard her mutter to herself, "Oh, man. I can't believe you're stupid-Polish."

We went into an antique store and I gave her the slip in there. Made for a funny story to tell my fellow engineers that following Monday morning.


  1. Aren't Polack jokes about 60 years out of date?

  2. "Polish?" she snorted, "Like stupid-Polish?"
    "Nope, like the sausage. Wanna see?"

  3. I love that she's never heard of Poland or apparently doesn't associate the country with Polish people.


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