Codependence Day

Story Sent in by Chandra:

Thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous, I've been sober for four years. I'm proud of that, but George almost ruined everything.

When I just started AA, I also started dating George. I was completely upfront about my addiction with him. Half-expecting him to run, he instead told me a touching story about how his own father struggled with alcoholism and how his family was supportive and encouraging throughout his rehabilitation. I felt better after he confided that in me.

A date or two later, he asked me out to a bar. I thought that was a curious choice, especially as he knew what I was going through. Still, he said, "It has great food. Trust me."

Once there, he ordered hard alcohol and encouraged me to do the same. "George," I said, "You know I'm trying to go sober."

He laughed and said, "Seriously, what are you drinking?"

I ordered a Sprite. George teased me about it and waved his drink under my nose. "Sure you don't want any?" he asked, "Alcohol is so good."

I finally snapped and said, "What the hell are you trying to do to me?"

George then acted hurt and said, "I was really hoping you'd understand. I don't have an alcoholic father. That whole thing was made up. I just wanted to see if I could get you to drink. Like a personal challenge for myself."

I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. He said, "It's the only hope that's kept me going these past couple weeks. Just take a sip. It won't kill you. Just one sip. It would make me happier than I've ever been."

He held his drink out to me again. I fought it and I won. I stood up to leave and he said, "Don't go! You'll make a grown man cry if you go. I'll kill myself if you go. Just don't go."

I went. Is he alive? Dead? Who can say?


  1. Stories like this make me think the USA's gun control laws are not relaxed enough, if anything. Assuming this was in the US, obv.

  2. What an ass he was. I'm glad you found out his true self before you got too involved with him. I'm also proud of you for refusing the drink. You will succeed at being sober, no doubt. What he did was really chicken shit to do to someone. I bet he takes a dieter to Cheesecake Factory. No, wait. He's too shallow to date someone who was over weight.

  3. I recall an anti-drug lecturer come to my high school once. He had been a recovering alcholic, and the big problem he had was that people who weren't recovering alkies didn't seem to understand that it wasn't as simple as stopping at one drink. That's the whole reason they needed help in the first place. If it was that simple, they wouldn't be addicts in the first place.

  4. Only one thing the OP did wrong: She didn't slap the bastard!

    This cretin belongs in the same category as the guy who reacted to his date's fear of dogs by siccing his hound on her, or the one who kept throwing snakes at the ophidiophobic.

    Stupidity should hurt.

  5. Good on you for being strong.

  6. Makes me wonder what he'd do if she said she was addicted to heroin....

  7. Well played, OP. Well played. And btw, George is the emperor of the @$$hats. Props to the OP for dodging a w hole round of bullets


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