The Fast and the Spurious

Story Sent in by Kenneth:

I was in Kristy's car on my first date with her. We had just attended a local baseball game and were on our way to dinner when she suddenly swerved through traffic. At first I thought she was turning to avoid hitting something.

"Someone's following us," she said, "Hold on."

She swerved again, making a sharp turn in front of oncoming traffic. I thought we were going to die. She kept going, blasted through a red light, and made another few heart-shattering turns around residential streets.

She finally pulled over in front of a dark house and said, "I think we lost him."

"Who?" I asked, my breath short, "Who would be following us?"

"I don't know," she said, "But someone was."

"How do you know?"

She said, "Because I know. I just get feelings about these–" she looked in her rearview. "Crap! He's back!" She floored it.

I nearly puked out my guts, she was so fast and loose with the wheel. I didn't see anyone following us but I was too busy praying to God, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, or anyone who would listen to make her stop.

Finally, I found my voice and I yelled, "Stop the car! Stop the car!"

She screeched to a halt in the middle of an intersection. I jumped out and slammed the door shut. She didn't wait or say a word and screeched away. There was no one else on the street and absolutely no one was following her. Only date.


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