Facial Scare

Story Sent in by Sharon:

Before our first date, Isaac emailed me to ask what my favorite color was. I told him, "Pink or blue."

He said, "Pick one," so I picked pink.

On the date, he showed up with his mustache dyed pink. "The colors would've blended together into a kind of green if I did both pink and blue," he explained, "So I hope you like it."

It was the facial hair equivalent of a clown nose, and it was impossible to thenceforth take him at all seriously. He earnestly did it because he thought I just liked the color pink that much, I guess.

The date went otherwise well, although he seemed certain that there'd be a second one. "What color would you like for our next outing? Blue?" he asked.

"Regular color is fine," I told him.

"Oh, that's no fun. I can try blue. I've never done it before. If you want me to. What do you say?"

"Why do you have to dye it at all?"

"Because pink and blue are your favorite colors. I thought you'd like it. Dark red's my favorite color. I'm sure you'd probably dye some of your hair for me if I asked, right?"

No would've been my go-to response, but as I was pretty sure there'd be no second outing, I told him, "Probably," just to avoid a conflict.

"Good!" he said, then reached across the table and squeezed my hand. "We're getting along already."

Poor guy was really friendly otherwise. But I couldn't see him again.


  1. Not the ending he expected, fer shur, but hafta back Archie, here: respect that stache.

  2. I don't like a moustache of any colour on the men I date. As a woman with a rather hairy top lip, I simply do not like the competition.

  3. Pink and Blue would have mixed to make Purple. I bet she would have loved Purple.

  4. Pink and blue would have made lavender


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