Better Dead than Bed

Story Sent in by Rita:

Once Harvey and I agreed to a date, I asked him what he had in mind to do. He suggested we meet in a nearby village where we'd figure it out. I assumed there'd be dinner and general fun.

After an introductory hug, he asked me if I wanted to sleep with him in the same bed.

"Not what you're thinking," he was quick to explain, "There doesn't even have to be touching. Just you and me in a bed together. Sleeping. I know it sounds weird, but I think it establishes security and trust."

"Not interested," I informed him, "Maybe just a fast dinner?"

"And then sleeping in a bed together?"

"Not likely."

Harvey was clearly disappointed. I'd have felt bad just ditching him there, so we did go to dinner. He seemed reasonably intelligent but just pretty awkward. He tried his sales pitch once more, trying to convince me that simply lying in bed together would do wonders for our "relationship."

Once dinner was over he sighed heavily and said that he was going to go lie in bed by himself. "Maybe next time," he said to me. There was no next time.


  1. Oh no, I'd prefer you didn't point that pistol at my temple and pull the trigger to prove you are being truthful about it being unloaded, thankyouverymuch - but hey - let's go have dinner ! Woo.


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