You Can Fool Thumb of the People

Story Sent in by John:

Amy promised to bake me cookies for our date. When she arrived, she handed me a container. I opened it, as I wanted to check the cookies out (and also because the container was suspiciously light).

There were no cookies inside. Just crumbs. I asked Amy, "Where are the cookies?"

She said, "I ate them on the drive here. You weren't supposed to open it up until you made it home."

I didn't follow her reasoning. "But then I still would've asked you where the cookies were."

"How? I wouldn't be there."

"By phone. Or email. There are ways. What would you have said, then?"

She shrugged, then sucked her thumb. She was in her twenties.

Only date.


  1. Ah, the younger sister of the cheese cake eater. Eating the gifts must run in their family.

  2. how do we even know she really made those cookies? and not put brought cookies in a box?

  3. "What would you have said, then?"

    She shrugged, then sucked her thumb.

    Question answered - she would have told you to suck it.


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