Smother's Day

Story Sent in by Lisa:

One day in my mid-20s, I found myself at Sal's parents' house. He and I had been dating for a little while, and the plan was that I'd spend part of the day with him and then we'd all have dinner together. His parents were out, so it was just Sal and I alone.

We decided to play nude hide and seek. After a few fun back-and-forth rounds, it was my turn again to find him. I searched the house, and as I crept through the downstairs front hallway, he burst from the coat closet with a coat and tackled me to the floor. He stuffed the coat over my face and pressed down.

It wasn't bad enough for me to not breathe, but I thrashed around and playfully hit at him. Was he laughing? I couldn't really hear, as there was a coat over my head.

After a few more seconds of flailing about, all of a sudden, he had jumped off me. I figured (hoped) he was ready for another round. I took the coat off my face while on the floor, and that's when I heard it.

The unlocking and opening of the front door. Sal's parents had returned.

Sal was nowhere to be seen. He had abandoned me. I was naked. I scrambled into the coat closet. Too late.

The next thing I heard was footsteps and a knock at the closet door. "Excuse me," came the voice of Sal's father, "Um, care to explain yourself?"

Busted. I wrapped the coat around myself and said without opening the door, "Sal and I were playing a game. Sorry about this."

"Where's Sal?" came the voice.

"Probably up in his room. Sorry again."

But Sal was not up in his room. Sal was not in the house. Or else he had picked a really good hiding spot. Despite his parents' calls and searches, he simply didn't show. As they looked for him, I slipped out of the closet (still with the coat wrapped around myself), made for Sal's room (where my clothes were), bumped into his frowning father in the upstairs hall, dressed, and left.

In retrospect, Sal was probably hiding somewhere in the house. But I never found out where, as he never called me again.


  1. Nude hide and seek? That's a thing? There's a game I like to play nude. It's called "sex."

  2. There is the old classic "Hide the Salami" that is typically played in the nude.

  3. Why women shouldn't date 12-year-olds.


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