My Tongue Bit ME

Story Sent in by Shawn:

It was a slightly better-than-average first date dinner with Tara. I forgot what we were talking about, but one second we were eating and everything was fine and the next, she winced, her hands went to the top of her head, and she screamed.

Everyone looked at us. I asked Tara what was wrong. She said she bit her tongue. After a few moments, she said she was okay, took her hands off the top of her head, and went right back to eating.

The waitress came by to ask if everything was okay, and Tara apologized and explained what had happened. So all was well.

Not five minutes later, as we were finishing out meals, Tara winced, her hands went to the top of her head, and she screamed again, louder than before.

Someone yelled, "Shut up!" but Tara seemed to take no notice. She finished the scream but her hands remained on the top of her head.

I asked her, "You bit your tongue again?"

She shook her head. I don't know how her hands on the top of it helped at all. A manager came by and asked, a bit more gruffly than the waitress, what was wrong.

I said, "She bit her tongue–"

"I didn't bite my tongue this time," Tara said.

I then said to the manager, "She'll be okay. Sorry. It won't happen again."

The manager nodded, gave Tara a funny look, and went on her way.

Tara kept her hands on her head for a little while. Once she had recovered from not-biting her tongue, she put her hands down and didn't eat anymore. There was no more screaming, and there were no future dates.

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  1. Sounds like she had a sore tooth but didn't want to admit it.


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