Letter Cry

Story Sent in by Billy:

Martha had a neat idea. "Before we meet," she wrote me online, "We should write each other little notes, seal them in an envelope, then read them after the date's over."

I liked the idea, though I had no idea what to write to someone before I even met them. I decided to go funny and thoughtful and ended up writing, "You looked great tonight, and I think you're a sweetheart."

We met and sat down to dinner. Early on, envelopes were exchanged. Aside from her checking her phone a few times too many (i.e., more than once) I had a nice time with her. I looked forward to reading what she wrote me.

When I arrived home, I opened her note and read it:

"Dear Billy,

"I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me. Tonight was so wonderful and I cannot WAIT to see you again. The very first time I had a serious boyfriend was in college. We dated for less than a year but to me it felt like a lifetime. We experienced things together that many people go through their entire lives without overcoming. It was an eye-opener in so many ways. And I haven't felt anything like that since, until tonight.

"I hope that you feel the same way (I'll find out when I read your letter). Know that I am really falling for you and that you are the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful guy in the world. You remind me of what happiness was and I think you can fill the hole in my chest. It's a hole that's been pumping nothing for so long. Perhaps it will soon pump with love, a love you and I will both share!

"Eternally yours, Martha."

That was unexpected. I felt at once freaked and concerned. When I called her up to touch base a day later, I left her a message and she never replied.


  1. Sorry guy, guess you couldn't fill her hole. She'll have to go on pumping alone.

  2. Aww, Archie, I wouldn't worry about her being filled.

    I can't believe OP called her back and got rejected by someone that desperate for love! Don't let it bother you, brohammad, there's a gal out there that will be exactly what you are looking for and not what you've been finding.

  3. He probably didn't get a reply because she is holding out for a guy who writes an equally effusive note gushing with love and joy. Only then will she know that they're truly meant to be, since "OMG they feel, like, totally the same way about each other" before they even met.


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