Probably Better off Not Being Shiny

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Story Sent in by Monica:

Rob was in a fog for our entire first date. He was physically there but mentally someplace else entirely. I had to ask him most questions twice and he fixated on shiny things. I guess I should've been something shiny.

We split dinner during which I did most of the talking. Finally, curiosity overcame politeness and I asked him what was wrong.

He unbuttoned a pocket on his coat and pulled out a capped hypodermic needle. It was filled with a clear fluid I couldn't identify.

"Want some?" he asked.

I didn't, and I left immediately thereafter. I hope he's okay. And not out in the dating world anymore.


  1. How could you turn down an offer like that? Morphine on demand!

    Seriously though, good job getting out of there immediately OP. This guy was bad news.

  2. It's just not a good date unless my hepatitis C gets a fresh coat. At least I can find "Rob" now that I know his actual name is Jeremy.

  3. Rob's rebuttal

    "That date went great! I banged the incredibly hot girl I had asked out, fell asleep on top of her, and when I woke up she had turned into a park bench!"

  4. @Wolfie - HA!!! my coffee splattered keyboard thanks you :D

  5. Congratulations, OP. You really dodged a bullet

  6. She should have SAID something shiny, then he would have paid attention!

    But seriously, he could have flipped out at her; thank god it didn't end badly.


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