Day at the Museum

Story Sent in by Jessica:

Edward invited me out to lunch at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Once we were done at the cafe, we walked around the galleries, looking at the various works and talking.

At one point his phone rang. No cell phone conversations were allowed in the galleries, but he went ahead and picked up anyway.

"Hello?" he said into the phone, "Hey man... yeah..." he glanced at me, looking me up and down, "Yeah, I am and yeah she is." He then laughed so loudly that nearly everyone else in the gallery shot him looks.

A guard came over and said, "You need to put that away, sir."

Edward then yelled at the guard, "I own this place! And I own all of you!" He then fast-walked out of the room, stomping his feet the whole way.

The guard followed him out, hitting a button on her radio and saying something into it that I couldn't hear. I could feel a lot of eyes on me, but I pretended to not even notice that he was gone.

After I browsed around the galleries a little bit more, he texted me, "Come outside."

I ignored him. He texted a second time, "Come outside now."

I stayed inside the museum and waited for a while. He texted a third and final time, "I'm back in. Want to get dinner?"

Taking that as my cue to leave, I made my way to the closest exit, praying that I wouldn't encounter him on the way. I didn't, and there were no more texts.


  1. OP, what is wrong with you? There was DINNER TO BE HAD!
    Don't you know that you should have suffered through all his shenanigans/weapon brandishing/anti-social behavior?

    I mean, we're talking about a FREE DINNER HERE!! HEL-LOOoo!

    If you played your cards right, you could have even possibly smushed on a pile of garbage. While the twin watched. Twice.


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