Autumn Break

Story Sent in by Deborah:

I had a good group of friends in college and Kevin was among them. We started seeing each other just before summer break after sophomore year. We lived a couple of hundred miles away from each other and we both had cars, so we kept up the relationship into junior year.

Early fall semester, Kevin and I went to the party of a mutual friend, Julia. While at the party, I lost track of Kevin but eventually found him... making out with Julia.

A little angry and a lot hurt, I left. Someone must've said something to Kevin, though, because he caught up with me down the sidewalk and stopped me.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Um... you making out with Julia? Ring a bell?"

He nodded and said, "So?"

"So... you and I are... were exclusive."

He rolled his eyes. "Why are you being selfish? I wanted Julia for a long time. When the opp came to take her, I wasn't passing it up. You kidding me?"

I was speechless. He went on, "And now I left her back at her party to play damage control with you. You made me be rude to her, and that's really selfish."

I didn't have a response for him. I simply turned away and pulled out my phone. He hurried right back to the party. But not before I texted Julia (as mentioned, we were all friends) that Kevin had just run out of her party to beg me not to tell her that he had herpes.

Of course, I wasn't at the rest of the party, but I was told that Kevin left not long after he returned to it. As far as I could tell, he and Julia didn't end up seeing each other, and he never spoke to me again.


  1. Considering Julia probably knew Kevin and OP were in a relationship... OP should have just let Julia have him, they were obviously perfect for each other. Maybe that's what seems off about this story to me: the OP was mad at Kevin, but not Julia, and tried to scare her off instead of texting "hey, in case you didn't know, Kevin and I were dating until tonight, but he's all yours now!"

    Let scumbags pair off with each other, says I, and leave the dating pool marginally cleaner for the rest of us.

  2. "So... you and I are... *were* exclusive."

    OP *is* selfish and jealous. She has no right to impose her arbitrary rules on Kevin about whom he is allowed or whom he is not allowed to make out with; it is none of OP's business. If it bothers her so much, she should have just kept on walking rather than retaliating by lying to Julia.


  3. @luna-lena-I thought the same thing too. If they were all friends, Julie would have known that the OP and Kevin were in a relationship. It is possible thought they were keeping it under wraps and her friend didn't know. Not likely though.

  4. I got the impression that he DID know they were exclusive. If he didn't know then he wouldn't have just rolled his eyes and tried to justify his actions. If someone I was dating casually said something like that to me, I would have pointed out that we had never had that conversation and was entitled to make out with whoever I wanted. He did not do that at all.

  5. I agree Sierra. Even if they didn't discuss exclusivity, they attended the party together and making out with someone else even on a casual date is pretty shitty

  6. I'm with OP, Sierra H, and Kez.

    Too bad OP caught herpes in the process though.


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