Not Haunting Like They Used To

Story Sent in by Connie:

Sam was into unexplained phenomena and at dinner, he asked me if I had ever encountered a ghost. I hadn't. He then launched into a long story about "Mr. Bones," a ghost who supposedly haunted his junior high school.

The story was way long and not too creepy although at the end, Sam said that every year, one of the seventh grade students wouldn't survive to eighth grade, due to the curse of Mr. Bones.

Naturally, I asked Sam, "So when you were in seventh grade, someone in your class didn't survive to eighth grade?"

He said, "Yes. Me!" He then lurched across the table at me, spilling his water all over the table in the process.

"Crap," he said, halfheartedly wiping it up with his short-lived paper napkin before standing up and saying, "Ah, I got nothin'," and leaving me there with a wet table and no more date.


  1. "Crap," said the undead ghoul, halfheartedly wiping the table. "Ah, I got nothin." Then he left.

    Is it just me, or are these Creepypasta submissions getting less and less interesting each year?

  2. Wait. Did you have to pay for lunch? Maybe "I got nothin'" means no money.

  3. Chunky Horse > Mr. Bones.


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