Now THAT's a Pick-up Line

Story Sent in by Yvette:

Jeffrey canceled our first date due to illness. We rescheduled for a different night, and when we did meet (at a local cafe) he told me, "I don't think it's fair that I was sick and you weren't."

I had no idea what to say to that except for, "I'm sorry you were sick but I'm glad you're better."

"If you were really sorry," he said, "You'd get sick, too. If you could be infected with anything, what would it be?"

"Disco fever," I said.

He nodded and smiled. I guess he liked that answer. He said, "You want to go dancing? I don't really like to dance."

That was good, because I didn't want to go dancing with him. We were in a part of the city where it was entirely likely that there were nearby dance clubs. He then said, "But there might be a lot of people there, so you might get infected by something. Okay! It's s date!"

Once we were done at the cafe, I told him I had to wake up early the next day so I had to go. He was really disappointed that I wouldn't go dancing with him. But just in case being a wack-job was contagious, I didn't want to risk it.


  1. Wut da fuq, OP? First you don't get ill just to prove your undying love to an under-the-weather guy you haven't even had a first date with, then you back out of of a dancing date designed for the express purpose of giving you SARS??

    Typical woman, I bet you don't arm-link for every swing of your wine, either. Pfffft

  2. Op, you must be the only wack job there, cause you don't get that there is a chance you can catch something even if the person shows no sign or symptons.

  3. Isn't OP suffering from EVS? If so, then she IS sick from something, which would make her perfect for this guy, who would then cure her of said EVS.

    But then, she wouldn't be sick anymore, which he might take exception to...

    Oh, now I've gone crosseyed...

  4. @ Fizziks - Damn you. I will never get that nine minutes of my life back.

    @ Blue Blue - I know right! She could have herpagonasyphilaids right now and not even know it!

  5. Y'all are too funny. Op I like the disco fever bit. I have nada funny to add but in light of the title I wanted to share a pick up line that worked on me: "I have written a symphony in my head just for you." Damn piano players.

  6. I think he was just trying to be funny and entertaining?


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