Nerve Gas

Story Sent in by Gene:

Out at dinner with Ruth, we were eating when she burped. Her hand went to her mouth and she said, "Sorry." Then she burped again. Then again, again, again, and again. "Sorry," she said, "It's my meds."

"It's okay," I said, trying to be understanding.

She apparently took that to mean that she didn't have to be shy about burping for the rest of the date. She burped frequently and didn't even cover her mouth anymore. At one point, she must have rapid-fired about a dozen in a row.

"What's the medication for?" I finally asked her.

"Nerves," she replied. "Is it bothering you?"

"Not really," I lied.

It must've been the way I said it, but she gave me a look that told me she didn't believe me and so she excused herself with her purse and left the table for a little bit.

When she returned, she said, "So that should fix things."

"What did you do?" I asked her.

"Took more."


She still belched up a storm, but tried to be quieter about them, covering her mouth and keeping it closed. I didn't really see myself on another date with her, and I never wound up on one.


  1. You are mean op, if you wanted to say something she already didn't believe you. Lucky for me Steve doesn't mind when I belch a thunderstorm.

  2. Oh Blue Blue, you rapscallion, you!

  3. Rapscallion does not get used often enough. Kudos Steve.

  4. I'd like to rapscallions Steve, twice, on a pile of trash, while my sister watched.

  5. Try, just name the time and trailer...

  6. Could I watch instead of your sister, Try? I can bring some extra trash and also some wings from Hooters.

  7. I've installed stadium seating. When Steve blows his rape whistle his brutal rapscallion begins and the crowd throws trash and screech like goats. Date. Of. The. Year.

  8. Could I get box seats? Just to be clear, that's a seat inside your box Try.


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