Father Figure

Story Sent in by Rosemary:

Rob was three years older than I am. That didn't matter to me at all, aside from Rob's frequent emails that would ask me some variant of, "Am I too old for you?"

I reassured him pretty regularly through those email exchanges but I guess nothing I said convinced him that I was telling the truth. When we finally met in person he did indeed ask me again if I was comfortable with the age difference.

I had to ask, "Did you date someone for whom it was a huge deal?"

He said that he hadn't and left it at that.

In the middle of lunch he looked up and said, "I could be your father."

I told him, "You're three years older than me."

He said, "In some African countries, men become fathers at four or five." He pulled out his phone as if to somehow find proof of his wild claim.

After a few minutes, when no proof came, he put his phone down and said, "Doesn't matter. I could be your father."

I shrugged. Nothing I could've said would've helped the situation.

He said, "We can still date, though. If you're cool with it."

I was fine dating someone three years older, but I have a problem dating the delusional, so I didn't even let him kiss me goodnight.


  1. This reminds me of that time Blue Blue went on a date with her MomDad. Ahh, we all had a good laugh at that one...

  2. Yes OP, but did you mind that he was older????

  3. Op, I think he had some weird fetish and was hoping you would catch the idea and to Steve, I don't know my parents they are gone.

  4. I'm 35, and the last two women I slept with were both 23. Oddly enough, I didn't have a problem with the age difference at all... but I guess I'm just really open-minded about these things.


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