What iPhones Have Done to Us

Story Sent in by Jonathan:

Brenda whipped out her phone on our date and actually flipped through the profiles of other guys on various dating sites. Right there, in a cafe, as I was trying to carry on a conversation with her.

When I asked her, "Are you looking at other guys' profiles?"

She replied, "Well... it wouldn't make sense to look at yours, would it? You're right here."

"But we're on a date."

She gave me a look like I was an idiot and shrugged before returning her interest to her phone.

I stuck around until I finished my drink and then left. She probably didn't even notice.


  1. Good for you op! should have done something more creative like the same thing or taken her phone away.

  2. Blue! Missed ya so much, gal, I could jjust motorboat you from happiness.

  3. You could take the rest of the drink to go. Good for you for not putting up with the blatantly rude.


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