Say it Out Cloud

Story Sent in by Jay:

I was driving Patricia back to her house after a party that one of my friends had thrown. She and I had been together for around a month, and it hit me then and there that I hadn't yet met any of her friends.

I asked her when I could start meeting her friends and she said, "You meet them every day. On days that there are clouds."

I couldn't tell if she was being poetic or had just misunderstood my question. She clarified, "My friends are the clouds. You've known them your whole life."

"Thank your friends for the rain," I said. "When can I meet your human friends?"

She said, "They are my human friends. Humans are mostly water. Clouds are mostly water. Sometimes I have conversations with them for hours."

"Humans?" I asked hopefully.

"Clouds. Is that weird?"

"Not at all," I lied, "Do they talk back?"

She laughed long and hard at that. "I'm not crazy. Of course they do. I don't just speak to things that don't talk back."

Pressing the gas pedal a bit harder, I asked, "What do the clouds tell you?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. What any friends talk about, I guess. Work, family, boys, life."

We were quiet for a little bit, and then she asked, "Have you ever tried talking to a cloud?"

"I haven't."

"You should try, sometime. They might surprise you."

I haven't tried speaking to clouds since then, and Patricia and I simply fell out of touch.


  1. http://i.imgur.com/l8f8F5T.gif

  2. "What do the clouds tell you?"

    She shrugged. "I don't know. What any friends talk about, I guess. Work, family, boys, life." how to dispose of a body without getting caught and a great way to get blood stains out of cloths and sheets. Just the usual.

  3. All of us lady princesses are supposed to live with our heads in the clouds, after all. And never stop our manic-pixie-dream-girl ways because everyone has a soul mate. Only one. In billions of people. And that person happens to not only speak your language but be a member of your nationality and also live in your town and loves your taxidermy collection of roadkill and past lovers that weren't THE ONE.

  4. ^ Who told you about my taxidermy collection! Have they been talking again?! I told them what would happen the next time.....

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  6. On top of that, he will accept every one of your bad habits while simultaneously letting you mold his personality into one that resembles 50 Shades of Twilight. And he will be rich, ripped, and not make you work, or tell you no, or make you act like an adult.

  7. I have nothing funny to say this time around, but I just thought I'd pop into the convo to reiterate my utter hatred of Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Zoey Deschannel may be hot, but with all the ways that she's screwed up the dating scene by encouraging women to become ditzy bubbly wastes of space, she can go eat a dick.

  8. @CastleWolfenstein -- amen. At least you know the ladies of BadCaseNation will be the choir while you preach it, brothah.

    Also, make it a whole bag of dicks. I know I can't eat just one.

  9. That's true, but I don't HAVE a whole bag of dicks - just my own. If we need to feed Zoey a whole bag of them in order to make her shut up, we should probably ask this girl - she probably has tons of extra body parts just lying around the house.


  10. (Also, what's "BadCaseNation"? Lately I've been browsing atheism meetups to try to meet cute girls who are both logical and efficient, but if there's some other place I should be looking, I'd appreciate if you could drop me a line to help out a brother.)

  11. Alas, NeverCryWolf, BadCaseNation is just us commenters. The only real pro tip I got on the dating scene is to dedicate as much time as humanly possible to the hobbies or passions of yours that involve other people. At least you have things in common with the chicks then, and if not you are at least attaching yourself to social circles that can expand to include said chicks.


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