Cut 'n Run

Story Sent in by Leigh:

My hair was around the longest it had ever been back when I went on my one and only date with Brett. From some of his very first emails, he seemed really into it, telling me how much he liked long blonde hair. In person, he was complimentary and charming. I felt good with him. At first.

After we had enjoyed a couple of drinks, we took a stroll and he asked me if he could touch my hair. I let him.

"Your hair is beautiful," he said, "Do you mind if I braid it?"

I normally wouldn't let someone become so familiar on a first date, but we were both tipsy and I liked having my hair touched, so I turned around and let him do his thing.

He lightly pulled at it and apparently worked at braiding it for a little bit when I felt a weird sort of pull and heard an unmistakable sound.

I whipped around and caught him about to cut a huge swath away from my hair, with a pair of scissors.

At once I pulled myself away and shoved at him. "What the hell are you doing!?" I screamed.

He looked at me like I had wounded his pride, then held up the scissors and said, "Time for snip snip."

I hurried away from him, glancing behind me at almost every step. He walked after me, never speeding up, but creepily enough for me to not stop until I could drive home and lock the door behind me.


  1. "Time for snip snip".....That's just creepy.

  2. Is scalping blond girls gonna be the new stealing-the-platinum-outta-yer-catalytic-converter?

    OP, glad you stopped the crazy in its tracts, but not as glad as feeling that I can guess today's throwback from Tourist :)

  3. To be fair, "Time for snip snip..." is even creepier to hear as a guy

  4. EEEEK!!! Hair thieves!!!!

    I also have long hair that I'm fond of. I once kicked a "friend" in the stomach because she tried to wrestle me down and cut my hair off. What is with some people????

  5. This reminds me of Chris Rock's movie "Good Hair." He talked about women in India who went to the movies and got their long hair cut off while they were watching the show, so it could be sold to make fake hair.

  6. I just did a quick search, it seems hair theft is a real problem in some places!


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