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Story Sent in by Katina:

Unfortunately, due to work, I've had to move all over the country and haven't much time to hit the dating scene in most places. Last year, in Pennsylvania, I was able to carve out enough time to meet Jon. He sweet-talked me enough online, but in person it was a different story.

We met for coffee and enjoyed a few minutes of small talk when he asked, "You're from the east coast? You're liable to get your car flipped, around here."

"I don't wear it on my sleeve," I said.

"Oh, you can tell just by looking at you," he said with a grin. "You look the type. I'll show you."

He stood up and made for the door. I took that to mean that he wanted me to follow him, and follow him I did. Right out to my Hyundai. He put his coffee down on the ground and actually attempted to lift my car from the side.

I casually sipped at my drink as he went around the car, trying to flip it from every angle. For about eight solid minutes, he strained and pulled and hemmed and hooed. Finally, when he couldn't do it, he kicked at it (and missed) and said, "Your car sucks! Buy American!"

He took his coffee and stormed off in a huff. That was my last time dating for a while.


  1. Oh, yes, Pennsylvania - so very very far from the East Coast. Completely in not separated from the Atlantic by the mere sandspit of New Jersey

  2. And Chumps Men's Sauna claims another customer.

  3. Um... no one in PA makes a distinction between PA and the East Coast... unless it's Dirty Jersey...

  4. I don't understand why people give up on dating after one bad date. And this one was weird, but not all that horribly bad...


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