And a Young Politician Begins His Career

Story Sent in by Alex:

Clara was a blind date I set myself up with online. When we met up for drinks, she confessed that I was her very first date ever. That was weird, as she was in her mid-twenties. Then she asked me where my wedding ring was.

I told her that I wasn't married and never was. She again asked me where my wedding ring was, and then again. I told her each time that I wasn't married. She then said that she'd wait there, at the bar, for me to get married.

I told her that I wasn't going to get married. She said she wouldn't speak to me until I had a wedding ring, so I finished my drink and departed.


  1. It's so obvious. She just wanted to see his ring and when he didn't have one it threw her off her game.

  2. Next question was going to be:
    "So, how old are your kids? No kids? I'll wait here 'till you get some."

  3. If you like it then you should have put a ring on yourself...?


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