Just Like a Real President

Story Sent in by Wilbur:

I was with Patty for most of September and all of October 2012. We got along fine. We saw eye-to-eye on social issues, politics, and such. When election day rolled around, we both voted (at our respective polling places) and had dinner that night.

She asked me who I voted for and I told her.

"Oh..." she said, and I immediately knew something was wrong. My first thoughts were that we had both agreed that we'd be voting for the same candidate. I didn't see what the problem could've been.

I soon found out. She said, "I wrote you in. For President. I thought that you'd write me in, but whatever."

It hadn't even occurred to me to write her in. We had both talked politics at length, and so I had no idea at all that she was planning to write me in as her candidate. It was romantic, but it simply hadn't crossed my mind.

I said, "I'm sorry. If it helps you feel any better, I think you'd probably be a better president than either–"

"But if you really felt that way, you would've written me in. Whatever."

Dinner was quiet and awkward. After it was over and we parted for the evening, she never once returned a phone call or email. Sad that our relationship ended over something so small and silly.


  1. Ah well. You win some. You lose some. (See what I did there)

  2. Hollly toledo did you dodge a bullet there. :/ That is a truly crazy chick. Unreal. To not talk to you again after something so insane ? Some women really expect men to be straight up mind-readers ! :P

  3. Technically she is right. If you really thought she would be a better president you should have written her in =)

  4. Was your date's name really PATTY? Or is that in fact a pseudonym for Ross PEROT?

  5. You could've offered her an internship. "I'll be your president and you can be my Monica er.. intern".

  6. This story took place down in Florida and the ballots were confusing, so you really can't blame the OP.

  7. And she would have let you punch her chad.


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