Can't Wait to Met You

Story Sent in by Sam:

I was due to meet Amy for the first time on a Friday night. She called me Friday around noon to let me know that she had to reschedule. We postponed it to the following Wednesday.

That Wednesday, she called to ask if we could again postpone, claiming that she was slammed at work. Something was fishy, but I let it be and we set up a third attempt for that forthcoming Friday.

When that Friday rolled around, she again said that she couldn't make it. I was ready to cash in my chips at that point, but then she said, "Tell you what: why don't we meet on the 12th?"

It was a Friday, the 22nd of April. The 12th was over a week ago. I asked her, "The 12th? You mean of next month?"

She said, "No. Last Tuesday. The 12th of April. Are you free?"


"Can't you just go back? I can. What's the big deal? Just go back and we can do it."

I said, "What are you talking about? Do you want to meet up or not?"

"Yes! Aren't you listening? The 12th of this month. April. We can just go back and meet then."

"There won't be another 12th until May."

She groaned. Was I missing something, here? She explained it to me like I was an idiot: "The 12th of April. This month. Today is the 22nd. The 12th was last Tuesday. Can we meet up then?"

"...you want to meet up... last week?"

"Yes!" she said, as if I had spent a year figuring out 1+1 and finally reached the correct answer.

I said, "Okay. Let's do it!"

She replied, "Okay. Good. Same place we've planned, same time."

"Yep. See you then."

We hung up. I sent a mental note to my past self to meet up with her on the 12th, but it must've been lost in transit, as I have no recollection of having met up with her on the 12th and she never called me for a "second" date.


  1. I'm guessing Amy drives a DeLorean...

  2. @ Steve - Nice!

    If you just had a phone booth and a friend named Bill S. Preston, Esq. you could have made this date into an excellent adventure!

  3. I'm picking up some EVS - if you agreed she would have then said, "We had our second date that Wed!", which would have made your actual date the magical third date where all the boning happens.

  4. I'm disappointed in OP for failing to milk the situation for it's true comic potential. For example, you could have texted her back a few minutes later to apologizing for being a "no show" on the 12th and see how she responds... Or what about texting her about something that happened on that hypothetical date(i.e. "Can you check if I forgot my ___ at your place"/ "I forgot to tell you my condom broke")? Also, after agreeing to meet in the past, couldn't you immediately skip to talking about a 2nd date? I mean hypothetically she just offered you a shortcut for the 3 date rule.

  5. I wonder, when people pull obviously ridiculous stunts like this, if they're doing it as part of a dare or a bet or something. Is it really that hard to tell a complete stranger that you've lost interest in meeting them? Even if you have no reason other than "I dunno, I just don't want to meet you anymore"? I don't get the theatrics. There must be an AskReddit on this...

  6. ^ The only time there is a need for theatrics, is when a stranger-pedophile is licking your child's face. Twice.

    But only after you finish your meal, of course...

  7. I think she lost interest in you but didn't want to say no to you. You should have cashed in your chips.
    WHAT? I miss blue blue.

  8. I think Blue Blue is grounded. Since, you know, she's a 14 year old girl, most likely...

  9. Very kind Steve, I'm going for 8yo max.

  10. I think Green Green is at least sixteen, though. ;) And lovely, tryN2Fly, no stories about your latest date with Steve?

  11. Guess who back, back again! Steve you are super wrong about my age! and possibly my gender. Tryn2fly you are super super wrong about my age! op, you should have cut your losses when you was trying to figure out how to meet her on the 12th. or i would have done what one commentor said about milking the situation.

  12. I'd like to milk BlueBlue.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. With my momdad's ambiguous gender, that could be a couple of different actions.

    Blue Blue is definitely older than 8 or 9. S/he keeps claiming that we are sisters although I think we all know the truth by now. S/he got knocked up by Yellow Yellow and lost his/her kissginity. 9 months later, out came bouncing baby Green Green

  15. Tryn2fly i like to milk you first then you can milk me and green green, i told you i wasn't knocked up by yellow yellow. so stop it.

  16. Am I the only one who thought, "the 12th of never"?

  17. OP, I don't get why you even bothered to continue the conversation when you realized she was messing with you for her amusement. The correct response when somebody is maliciously f***ing with you for their amusement is to either disengage, or (if you're motivated enough) find something that they care about and damage it.

    Maybe if you had a witty response or were taking some amusement from the situation, I could see a reason for continuing. But you didn't, you just sort of lamely went "duuuuh, me not understand" and let her verbally use you like a cat's scratching post. If I were in your place, the convo would have gone more like this:

    "No. Last Tuesday. The 12th of April. Are you free?"



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