Better Dead Than Bed

Story Sent in by Maria:

Seth was over at my house and we were planning to watch a movie after ordering in. I had some music playing as we ate but he suddenly stopped eating and turned his head.

"Is anyone else home?" he asked me, "I just heard something."

I lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids, so I guessed he had heard something outside.

"No," he said, "It came from upstairs. It sounded like someone walking."

I hadn't heard anything, although his claim was unsettling. There was no one else home. He shrugged it off and I soon forgot about it.

After we ate, I put on a movie and we were about 15 minutes into it when he muted it with the remote. He said, "I definitely heard something upstairs. Like a thump-thump-thump and a creak. You didn't hear that?"

I hadn't, although he was freaking me out a bit. "Did you really hear something?"

He said he did, and he told me to wait downstairs while he investigated. He went upstairs and I heard him moving from room to room. He was up there for a little while when I heard him scream.

"Seth?" I called up, after I had gathered my wits, "Seth? Are you okay?" I also said something stupid like, "We're all down here," in case there really was an intruder who thought that I was the only one left in the house.

Too terrified to go upstairs, I turned on both downstairs TVs (we had one in the kitchen and the living room) and also turned on a radio we had in the kitchen. For further good measure, I waited outside until my parents came home.

When they did, I told them everything and my father checked everywhere upstairs but couldn't find a trace of an intruder - or Seth. All of the upstairs windows were closed, but my father said that Seth could've exited a window and closed it behind himself before climbing down.

I assumed that was the case, as it was the simplest explanation. I was a bit embarrassed, but I asked my parents if I could sleep in their room (on the floor) that night, as the whole thing had kind of freaked me out.

The next day, we all searched the entire house, even the basement, although, as I figured, Seth was long gone.

One thing that was weird was when I checked my bedroom, my mattress was completely off my bed and leaned up against my closet. I definitely hadn't left it that way, and we checked my closet thoroughly. To this day, I don't have an explanation for it and I have no idea where Seth ever wound up.


  1. And thusly, Chunky Horse claims another disciple...

  2. Seth might have been foal of it when he colt you he herd something when he clearly wanted to bale. But horseplay only stirrups the great Night Mare, His Chunkiness' halter ego, who has brought Seth into the stable. Cries for mercy canter race the agony furlong.

  3. All I can think of after reading this story is that scene in 4 Rooms.

  4. After nothing from a pun filled post by the picture of my granite vulva, I'm starting to think Howie died.



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