Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Wrong

Story Sent in by Josefa:

Eldin was an opera singer. He sang to me on our first date and took me out dancing. It was really sweet and I had a great time. He even drove me home and sang to me before kissing both of my cheeks, bowing, and walking back to his car. Corny as hell, but it was still the most fun I've had on a date in a while.

As I was preparing for bed, I heard him singing out my window. I looked out and saw him serenading me right on my lawn. When he finished a song, I applauded and thanked him. Then he sang another song. Then another. Then another.

"Thank you!" I finally said, "Have a good night!"

I closed my window. But he kept singing. And singing. And singing. Even after my lights were turned off. Even after I closed my eyes. Even as I slipped into sleep.

In the morning, I opened my bedroom window to find him asleep in a heap on my lawn. I went outside to rouse him and he shuffled away without a word. We never saw each other again.


  1. This date isn't so bad if one pretends that the OP and Eldin live in a fantastical 1930s era musicial where people can only communicate via spontaneous song.

    Part of me thinks Eldin kept up the singing gimmick because he thinks women get all squishy when men sing all screamy to them. The other part thinks Eldin is homeless and expected the OP to throw a quarter in his cup after each song. That also explains why he slept on her lawn.

  2. I had a very similar dating experience except instead of beautiful opera singing it was severe loud gas.....and it stank.....no dick for me that night. :(

  3. Eldin should have gone with Peter Gabriel. If movies have taught us anything, always go with Peter Gabriel.

  4. I think he would have left if you sang back to him....You know the expression, it's not over until the fat lady sings.

  5. I really love the stories of peeps so into themselves they can't imagine falling flat. You could fit a galaxy between how Eldin felt and how he came across.

  6. Howie,how are you? i gots nothin. all tuckered out. devil good. fizziks good. tryn2fly good.

  7. Wow, no love from tanette....Maybe I should have serenaded her.


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