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Story Sent in by Sheri:

Chuck told me more than once at dinner that I was "way hotter than my online photos." He said, "You really ought to retake them."

I asked, "If this works out, then why would I ever have to retake them? And besides, you liked them enough to send me a message."

He said, "Yeah, but you ought to retake them. I can do it for you. I do photo-ing."

"Photo-ing? You mean photography?"

"Yeah. Maybe after dinner you can come over to my studio and I can take some of you. I won't charge you if you take off all your clothes. Think about it."

I laughed at him, but he kept encouraging me to "think about it" all through dinner. Oh, I thought about it, all right. No photo shoot took place, and we didn't go out anymore. I've kept the same photos up on my profile since then, and no one else has complained.


  1. ...yet you still have a current profile on a dating website. I'm thinking the date may have had a point.

  2. He's watched too many movies form the 70's and 80's which teach us that if you get a woman in front of a camera, her cloths will magically fall off. I'd love to hear the conversation he had with himself:

    "So, I'll tell her she's hot, but that she needs new photos. She will totes agree. But she might not ask me to take them for her so I should probably offer. But she might think I'm charging her. So I'll tell her I'll do it for free. She should really thank me for that; it's hard work! Well, if she takes her cloths off, that would be thanks enough. But she won't know that. I'll make sure to tell her"

    Actual line:
    "Yeah. Maybe after dinner you can come over to my studio and I can take some of you. I won't charge you if you take off all your clothes. Think about it."

  3. Free photo-ing?!?!? And all I have to do is let a borderline stranger take easy-to-disseminate images of me? Golly, that's a handsome offer!

    I've had this string of great dates, where the guy will offer amazing favors, like driving me back to the meetup spot or spending twelve whole dollars or not posting my email for soliciting sex on craigslist,and all for the small fee of a little titty or frottage. Magical penii, every one! I of course take them up on this offer, head to their pad, freshen up, and yet before I can give 'em a flash I'm asked to leave. Le sigh.

  4. OP, I don't want to alarm you, but I think that young man just wanted to take nude photos of you for his own nefarious purposes. Probably for the purpose of masturbation. I'm so happy that you didn't fall into that trap.

    You should let ME take photos of you. I'm a professional photo-er, and I do the photo-ing for money for like weddings and stuff. I'll do yours for free, though, if you'll do some topless just for my portfolio.

  5. I like photo-ing bewbs.

  6. Don't listen to these clowns, OP. As a serious photo-er I always charge for professional work. So I'll take your naked pictures AND make you pay for them.

  7. Fizziks, where the hell was that port-a-john photo taken so I can avoid that music festival in the future?!

  8. Looks like Woodstock '94.


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