Crustacean Situation

Story Sent in by Henryetta:

Via email, Ty and I discussed places to go for our first date. I listed some good places in the area both for coffee and for sit-down meals, but he had a curious request. He wanted me to ensure that wherever we went, it wasn't a place that served lobster. I figured he was allergic, but he said he wasn't and left it at that.

We wound up at a chain burger restaurant that I didn't think had anything lobster-related on the menu. But when we sat down, he went over the menu line by line and said, "Aha!" then showed me that they had a lobster soup.

"Should we go somewhere else?" I suggested, hoping that he'd be fine staying where we were.

He shook his head and said, "The lobsters have already won." He slid out of the booth, shook my hand, and left me sitting there without an explanation.

I did, in fact, order the lobster soup.


  1. THE LOBSTERS HAVE WON?! Oh shit, why didn't someone TELL ME?! Time to initiate escape plan B-52!


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