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Story Sent in by Grace:

It was Christopher's brilliant idea to meet at a hotel. I thought we were going to hit up the bar, but instead he offered to book out a room just for the two of us.

A little fast for my taste and I told him so, but he said, "It's okay. I take women here all the time. It's no big deal."

I laughed at that, but he remained serious. He kept trying to convince me to spend the night with him, but in the end I convinced him to just have a drink with me at the hotel bar.

He said, "I'll liquor you up enough to have my way with you."

I laughed at that too and said, "It won't work if you give your plan away like that."

He drank a lot, then passed me a room key. He said he'd be waiting for me and left me there.

I didn't end up in his room that night. A lot because he was a jerk, and a little because he never told me his room number.


  1. I get the feeling that it wouldn't take much arm-twisting to get this lady into the sack...

    full of garbage. While the twin watched. Twice.

  2. And I get the feeling that this story really took place in a motel and the hotel bar the OP referenced was really Christopher's car which contained a mini-cooler stocked with strawberry wine coolers.

  3. I agree with Steve, it seems like she wanted to sleep with him since she said because he didn't tell her his room number.

  4. Team Christopher. He was up front and honest with Grace which from my experience is rare. And he's smart, if they were both in his room then you don't need to remember the room number no matter how intoxicated you are. Grace needs to sit down and contemplate her poor life choices, two people didn't get a night of shame and regret because of that girl.

  5. If she'd only had one more Mai Tai while Leroy played Lady in Red on his velvet covered piano there in the motel bar, who knows where the night could have led? Me, that's who.

  6. Room number's on the key (fob). Bimbo.

  7. @TechRyze - actually, most hotels nowadays use magnetic keycards instead of keys. The room info is put on the card when the guest checks in, and the info is wiped when the guest leaves, so the card can be reused. So it's very unlikely the key had the number on it.


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