Up in Smoke

Story Sent in by Spike:

One thing I wasn't expecting on my date with Pamela was for her to show up with the right side of her head completely shaved. The left side had long blonde hair, but the right side was hairless.

I asked her what was with her hair. She said she had it shaved because she was in mourning. I asked what she was mourning for. She said, "The hair on the right side of my head." Then she cried a bit.

After dinner I thought it would be nice to go to a place that made really good cheesecake. She seemed more interested in biting her nails than communicating with me, so I enjoyed the cheesecake by myself while she looked on and ate her nails.

When we were back outside, she said, "Don't say it."

I didn't know what she was talking about. "Don't say what?"

She pointed to a building across the street with a prominent chimney and said, "Don't say anything rude about that chimney."

I probably wouldn't have even noticed the chimney if she hadn't pointed it out. The date ended shortly afterward and we didn't go out again.


  1. After seeing the hair,or lack of,why continue?

  2. I guess you weren't her type. But I'm pretty sure her head was shaved because the style is a current trend, because she is a skrillex fan, or both.

  3. Again, yeah, meth will do that to a bitch.

    Also, if your date shows up looking like this. Then maybe you should reconsider.

  4. I bet she shags like a minx, though...

  5. Did she eat the hair after she shaved it off her head? Because if she did, that salvages her sanity and makes the OP a shallow jerk.

  6. She sounds kinky, I would have shown her my chimney.


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