One Way or the Highway

Story Sent in by Doris:

Ray was rich. He made no secret of that on his profile, but he charmed me with his personality and we wound up out together on a Friday night. He said there was an airport wine bar he wanted to take me to, so that's how we ended up at Miami International Airport.

Thing was, the wine bar was beyond the security checkpoint, so we couldn't go there without boarding passes. I was ready to go somewhere else, but he asked me where I wanted to fly. I told him that he didn't have to buy me a ticket to anywhere. I was really cool going someplace else. But he wasn't having it. He said, "All right, we're going to Los Angeles. When's your birthday?" He half-ran toward the ticket counter.

"My birthday? Wha—?"

"For the ticket. They'll need it. C'mon, let's go!"

I laughed. "I'm not letting you buy me a ticket to L.A. Even just to get access to the terminals. There has to be another place we can go."

He glanced up at the departure board, said, "Suit yourself," and hurried to the ticket counter by himself. As I watched, he bought a ticket, ran past me to the security gate, and waited on line to enter the terminals. I left for home while he was still on line.


  1. Maybe Ray is DB Cooper and was looking to recruit a lady sidekick. That would explain his fondness for hanging out at the airport, his insistence on buying a plane ticket and his loot.

    The OP pissed away her chance of being on Histories Mysteries.

  2. Who the hell thinks an airport wine bar is cool? That't the best place he could think of to take a first date? This story just makes me sad.

  3. @ Architect - One of the benefits of an airport date, is that you can impress your date by arranging to be chauffeured around on one of those electric cart things...

  4. It's his money, which apparently he has a lot of, so why not go with him? It's weird, sure, but this doesn't seem like anything you couldn't get out of.

    I'm assuming he wanted to take you on a weekend trip to LA and bang you there, so I'm sure after some wine he would have just said "Well, since we already have the tickets.... might as well go"

  5. Maybe he had planted some drugs on you OP and needed you to get them through security. My "dates" do that to me all the time! Any orifice they want filled as long as there is an airport wine bar in my future!

  6. Oh Green Green, you're just like your mother!

  7. If he loved this wine bar so much, wouldn't he already know that it's past the checkpoint? Do you think he always buys a ticket every time he wants to go there? Dude is flushing his 'fortune' down the drain. Money doesn't buy intelligence.

  8. You're way off Green Green. Where's your mom/dad to shed light on what's really happening?

    I think that he wanted to impress you by taking you to his favorite wine bar. I think since he had a lot of money he didn't care about buying tickets to impress you. Good for you for not falling for it.

    ... I did my best

  9. I was so desperate to go to an airport wine bar one time I agreed to smuggle 22 condoms filled with heroin through security in my ass. Totally worth it for the pleasure & intimacy of shitting them into a decorative painters bucket while holding hands & maintaining eye contact with my date. Mixed reaction from the other patrons in the wine bar while we did it. Jealousy mainly, it really stank so a bit of disgust as well.

  10. I adore you TryN2Fly. Have I told you that lately? I would have maybe considered going with him. I mean why not?

  11. Tanette, you're making the "eagle" part of me emotionally engorged.

  12. TryN2Fly you should change that to "TryN2Hard"


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. ^Haha

    I'm not so sure he was actually rich. More likely he thought saying he was on his profile would get a lot of girls to show interest in him and OP fell for the bait.

  15. Sounds like a bipolar in a manic phase...


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