Forgive and Forgot

Story Sent in by Donna:

About 10 minutes into my first date with Robert at a cafe, he informed me that he didn't think he and I made a good match, but that he had a friend, Dan, for whom I'd be perfect. A moment later, a guy in a dress suit and tie strolled across the restaurant toward us and stopped at our table.

"Dan!" Robert said, leaping up to hug the guy. Robert remarked on what a coincidence it was that Dan happened to be there just after he was mentioned. Imagine that.

Rob left me with Dan, who sat across from me and introduced himself. He barely let me put a word in edgewise, so obsessed he was with himself. He sounded like a used car salesman: "I'm single but I'm going fast. You're lucky because you can drive away with me tonight" and went on with similar garbage. He also had a habit of breathing into his cupped hand and smelling his hand, like he kept checking his breath after every few sentences.

He paid for dinner even though I offered to split it with him. I thanked him and he offered to drive me home. I had walked to the restaurant, but it was late and I lived about a 20-minute walk away, so I told him I'd take him up on it.

Once we were outside, he told me to wait by the restaurant's front door and that he'd swing by in his car to pick me up. He ran to the parking lot and never came back.

After a while I checked out the parking lot to look for him, but there was no sign of the guy, so I walked home and made it just fine.

A day or so later, Rob emailed to apologize for Dan. Rob said in the email, "Dan feels terrible about what happened. He got to his car and completely forgot about you."

I didn't even write back. I was done with these two losers.


  1. I like free meals as much as any self respecting dinner whore and I can be pathologically polite to a fault, but I don't understand why the OP struck around after the first guy bailed and his perfect-for-the-OP friend magically appeared. This is the second or third story where a date played this bait and switch and the other person stuck around. What the hell?

    Rejection categorically sucks but so does being a pawn in some assholes' mind games.

  2. He was in the parking lot trying his key in every car until he found one that worked.

    Also, were Dan and Rob twins? If so, I'm pretty sure I know what they had planned for you. Twice.

  3. @ Architect, you KNOW Dan was in such a rush to get home and prep the trash pile, that he forgot all about OP...

  4. I can't blame OP too much here. Maybe Dan was very handsome (He was wearing a suit! So anti-blue collar) so she wanted to give him a chance.

    Seems like after the switch he was just weird, but nothing too crazy. Until he ditched her.

  5. I don't fault the OP for staying and meeting Dan. He was there, afterall, and the first guy was turning out to be a dud. Why not see where suit-&-tie could go? Plus she did offer to pay for dinner, so it's not like a free dinner was her motivation. These guys just turned out to be wacky losers though. Too bad.

  6. While I think it's great J x10^(pirate noise)D provides pseudonyms for everyone, I'd really like to know how Cheng and Eng there ever managed to not be together for the first 10 min.

    Also, on a nerd aside, I discovered that the superscript tag isn't compatible with this theme.

  7. Lets face it the OP just needed a dick inside her and wasn't too fussy who delivered it. Judge all you want but who doesn't like dick & a free dinner?

  8. Yeah but that's the rub, she didn't even get laid! No one even tried anything with her. No attempted boob grab, not even a lewd comment. I don't know why but this story really pisses me off.

    And I would never judge anyone for liking dick and a free dinner. Correction: GOOD dick and a decent dinner. That's a winning combination.

  9. I think that Dan was so used to women not staying around until the end of the date that once he got in his car driving home alone was just a force-of-habit. Poor guy!


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