If You Give a Mouse a Pencil

Story Sent in by Ahmed:

I had invited Brianna out to lunch. Once we met up though, she said, "Plain lunch is boring. Let's go to a Chuck E. Cheese."

I wasn't aware that Chuck E. Cheese was an option for people our age, but we ended up at one. We sat down to eat some damp pizza, and then Brianna became obsessed with a game and won a sparkly pencil with a giant eraser.

The pencil wasn't sharpened, which seemed to cause Brianna some distress. She broke it in such a way so that she could access the graphite within, then scrawled her name on one of the food tables, in full view of a worker, who asked us to leave.

Once we left, Brianna asked me if, once she sharpened the pencil even more, she could carve her name into my back. I told her that I wouldn't allow that, and she said, "You're no fun," and after a few more pleasantries, we parted ways. Probably the weirdest date I've ever been on.


  1. Good point OP, I don't think Chuck E. Cheese caters to the geriatric crowd. But they will serve you dinner at 4:00 so that's a win! And that soggy pizza was probably pretty easy on the dentures.

  2. But, but... she has a vag... you're supposed to do everything she says!

  3. CEC won't even let older folks in unless they're with a kid...

  4. You're supposed to let her carve on your back so you can carve your pencil on her bottom... dummy


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