Story Sent in by Henry:

Yvonne and I went out to a bakery for some homemade donuts. I ordered a plain one, she ordered one that had strawberry jelly. She told me, as we strolled outside with our pastries, "Watch this."

She threw her donut high into the air. She opened her mouth wide. No way... I thought, thinking that she actually meant to catch it in her mouth.

She danced backward a bit, positioning herself as it fell...

SPLAT! It exploded all over her forehead, eyes, and hair. She cried out and I ran inside the bakery for a handful of napkins.

When I returned to her, back on the sidewalk, she was laughing. She thanked me for the napkins, wiped herself off as best she could, and laughed some more. "That was pretty stupid," she said, and I had to laugh right along.

Then, she said, "I'll be right back," and went back into the bakery with the handful of napkins with which she had wiped herself. I figured she was going back in to throw them out, and maybe to wash off her face.

She returned with another jelly donut. She said, "For real, this time," and threw it up into the air, again. Not as high, this time, but still–

It smashed down onto her lower face, some of it winding up in her mouth, the rest of it, again, all over herself. "Jesus Christ!" she cried out. Once again, I grabbed her a handful of napkins and once again, she wiped her face off. She didn't try it a third time, but she was pretty well in a huff for the rest of our date. I don't know what she expected to have happen... the donuts were way too big to be fully caught in the mouth like an M&M or something.


  1. Why didn't you just ask her how she plans on catching that big doughnut with her mouth?

  2. Look at it this way, OP, at least she doesn't have a problem with taking messy loads to the face.

  3. If she was Sicilian she would have got the whole donut in her mouth both times. No Sicilian Feast for Henry.

  4. Suddenly, Boston Creme.


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