I Just Called to Not Say I Love You

Story Sent in by Gary:

Laurel and I were out on a first date, walking through our college campus when her phone rang and she picked it up. "Hey baby," she said, very affectionately to whoever it was on the other line. From where I stood, it sounded like a man's voice. Laurel carried on a brief conversation and ended with, "I love you," before hanging up.

"A friend?" I asked.

"Yep," she replied, leaving it at that.

"Sounded like more than a friend."

"It wasn't."

That was all she said about it, and I guessed that she wouldn't have answered it if it was something she wanted to hide from me. So I let it go.

Her phone rang again about 10 minutes later, and she picked up once more. "Hey baby," she answered. "I'm on my way to the library. Working on that calc project. Sure. A half hour works. Love you, too. Bye."

She hung up and continued walking with me as if nothing strange had just happened. I asked, "You have to go in a half-hour?" Our date had just started only about 20 minutes earlier.

She asked, "Yeah... how'd you know?"

I said, "I heard your phone call."

"You were listening to me?"

"You had it less than five feet away. I can't turn my ears off."

"You didn't have to listen. That was nosy of you."

I replied, "You have to go in a half-hour to hang out with your boyfriend, so I don't see it mattering."

She gave me a stare like I had just completed an impossible Houdini escape. "I... I don't have a boyfriend..."

"So that was some other guy you say 'I love you' to?"

"No! I didn't say 'I love you' to anyone!"

Swear to God, she had, not a minute prior. To prove it, she took out her phone again, dialed a number, and put it on speaker. The same guy's voice answered. "Hey, what's up?"

She asked, "Did I say 'I love you' over the phone just now?"

The guy said, "Yeah. Why?"

She hung up and slipped the phone back in her pocket. "See? I didn't say it. Now you can shut up."

I said, "You sure showed me. Have a good time at the library," and I walked off in another direction. Whoever that guy was, I'm sure that their next conversation was a fun one.


  1. I'll take "Things Girls Think Will Make Guys Jealous and Want Us More But Typically End Up Turning the Guy Off" for a 1,000, Alex.

  2. If I were the OP, I think I would have called the date off after the first phone conversation. After the second for sure, instead of making a scene of it, just tell her that she obviously is busy with other things, and walk away.

    And as for the date-she's just stupid. If you want to play two guys, make sure the other doesn't call you, interrupt your date so you can spend time with them, or at least don't tell them you love them. Such stupidity.

  3. OP writes "I'm sure their next conversation was a fun one."

    I am doubtful of this. As long as the guy from the phone continues to get laid on the regular, he will have little concern about what is going on in this strumpet's life. Welcome to college...

  4. i think she might be deaf cause he said yeah she did say i love you. she must not hear anything she doesn't want to.

  5. ima go ahead and agree with you Blue

  6. It would have been interesting to hear her excuse for cutting the date short.

  7. Is there an explanation? There is no explanation.


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