Child's Lock

Story Sent in by Muriel:

Terrence picked me up for dinner in his car. When we arrived, it took him about 15 minutes to successfully parallel park. Once he was done with that, he unlocked his door and stepped out of the car.

The issue was that while he had power locks, only his door seemed to have unlocked. I tried my door over and over, but it wouldn't open. Maybe the child lock was engaged.

From outside his car, he wore a weird smile as he watched me struggle with the door. Finally, I pounded on the window and said, "Could you let me out?"

He stopped smiling and said, "Don't you hit my window. Only the driver's door unlocks from the inside, so you'll have to climb out that way."

I was in a dress and it would've been awkward, to say the least. I said, "When you picked me up, you let me into your car from this door. If you don't let me out this way then I'll call a friend to come pick me up."

He gave me even less of a smile and said, "Go ahead. Call a friend. You won't really do it."

I really did it. Then I climbed out of the passenger seat and out of his car on the driver's side as he watched. Once I was out, he said, "If you really called your friend, call them back and cancel. You're out with me, now."

I didn't call and cancel. He waited with me, babbling more and more desperately and pathetically as the minutes ticked by. When my friend Carl finally arrived, I hurried to his car. The last words I heard Terrence say were, "A guy friend?"

Yep! Turns out some girls have them. Without a word to Terrence, I left the shortest and stupidest date of my life behind me.


  1. It's been a while since we had a good rapist. Welcome back, frighteningly controlling sleaze of the world.

  2. Is that some kind of thing you can have done to your car?? Horrifying.

  3. You still didn't get your door fixed, Howie??

  4. If you have to do that to see a girl on her knees or attempt to see her undergarments, then you are an immature loser.

    Well played OP!

  5. By the way op, why didn't you just pull the lock up and then get out? you can still pull the lock up to get out. shesh.

  6. http://www.amazon.com/Seatbelt-Breaker-Emergency-Escape-Tool/dp/B002AMAXNA/

    In addition to pepper spray, maybe women should start taking these on dates?

  7. Um Steve...I DID get the door fixed. It was fixed so that it doesn't open from the inside...C'mon man!
    I got a chance to catch a glimpse of her beef curtains (which left snail trails) as she shifted across the seat.

  8. Oh Blue Blue, always pointing out the incorrect solution as if it's the obvious fix and/or criticizing the OP for not following their shit advice.

  9. Now that is my dream date as I like to conserve energy and spend the whole date just sitting in the passenger seat eating the food previously stashed in my handbag. I put the strap over the top of my head like it's a feed bag, keeps the hands free for some personal sexy time.

  10. @Blue Actually, with most cars, especially newer ones, if you're sitting in the front you can't get ahold of the lock to pull it up. Check it out next time somebody lets you ride in the front seat.

  11. Howie Sawhersnatch. ;) Howie! I have missed you so! :) all around!

  12. I'd wear Howie like a feed bag.

  13. the child lock feature is a way that you can make it so that your kids cannot open the door from the inside, there is a little switch on the door that is on the part of the door that is closed into the car frame that you can change to on or off. if it is on then even if the door is unlocked you cannot open the door.


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