Story Sent in by Victoria:

Paul and I were at dinner when something he said made me laugh so hard that I burped. My hand went right to my mouth and I said, "Pardon me."

He replied, "That wasn't a burp: this is a burp." He then picked up my plate of pasta, brought it right up to his mouth, opened wide, and belched onto it, loudly enough for the people at surrounding tables to jerk their heads right at us. A child actually screamed.

He put my plate back down in front of me and gave me a smile. I asked him, "Why did you have to do that onto my food?"

He said, "Just marking my territory, I guess. Don't worry, I'm paying for it."

"Yeah, but I'm eating it."

He got a bit uncomfortable and asked, "So you're allowed to burp but I'm not?"

I replied, "We're both allowed to burp, but neither of us really have the right to be disrespectful."

He chuckled and said, "If I was trying to be disrespectful, you'd know it. Want me to burp on it, again?"

I said, "Do that and you'll be wearing it."

The remainder of dinner was quiet, and surprise, surprise, he didn't call me for another date.


  1. if i was you op, i would have ask for another plate of it cause than that is nasty. besides to me the only person allowed burp into my food is me. anyone who does will wear my food in their pants.

  2. The REMAINDER of dinner ???? Did you actually EAT that ??? :P Seriously, you deserve better, you should have walked right the hell OUT.

  3. I'm not sure why this story didn't end with
    "So I walked out there and I haven't heard from him since" instead of OP staying and mentioning how he didn't call.

  4. Yeah, I was wondering if she finished eating it. yuck.

  5. This is trashslut on a dinner date. It's gross, but yeah, she ate it...

  6. Well, at least OP swallows...

  7. Since when did burping on food "mark" it? You're suppose to lick food if you want to do that. Scratch that, you piss on stuff you want to mark. That's what REAL MEN do anyway.

    Take a lesson, Paul.

  8. I am surprised she left out the obvious fact that they had sex twice on a filthy mattress whilst his twin watched.

  9. I can't believe you still ate the food. And finished dinner with him. SUPER GROSS.

  10. Thanks, Jared, for coming through on my need to have posts from less confident ladies who take this crap.

  11. Thanks, any unconfident ladies, for taking this crap.


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