What the Helmet

Story Sent in by Cindy:

Curt rode his bike right from work to our evening date. He was in a dress suit and bike helmet. I greeted him on the sidewalk, and he locked his bike on a rack. He kept his helmet on, though.

"You're keeping your helmet on?" I asked him.

"Of course," he replied.

And so it went. On the walk to the restaurant, through dinner, and through post-dinner conversation. I enjoyed our talk, but he kept his helmet on the entire time. I didn't ride bikes too often, myself, and so I half-wondered if it was something that bikers simply did when they had nowhere to put their helmets. But he easily could've taken it off at any time, so I continued to wonder.

Aside from that, the first date went fine, and when helmet-man asked me out again, a week or so later, I told him I was in. I looked forward to seeing if he'd show up in a helmet once again.

Helmet-man didn't disappoint. He was dressed a bit more leisurely (we were meeting on a Saturday) but kept his helmet on as we ate lunch, went on a short hike, and then went for ice cream.

Finally, over bites of chocolate coffee swirl, I asked him, "Why do you keep your helmet on?" I seriously wondered if he had a medical condition.

He replied, "I might decide to jump on my bike at anytime. Bike safety is important."

I said, "But you can always put it back on if you take it off."

He replied, "Bike safety is important."

I agreed, "It sure is."

He stared off into space and half-muttered to himself, "Bike... safety... is... important."

That was our last date.


  1. Maybe he's like the guy from There's Something About Mary who never took off his earmuffs...

  2. What you didn't know OP was all the hair he had was attached to that helmet.

  3. I think Curt lost the top of his skull in a bike accident when he was a kid thus he is forced to wear a helmet to cover his exposed brain. While he was in the hospital recovering, his mom repeatedly told him, "Bike safety is important".

    Curt had to learn to walk and talk again but the bike safety mantra in implanted his in his exposed brain.

  4. Safe sex is important too. I wonder if he wears a condom 24/7 (for example even while he urinates....).

  5. This guy simply wore a bike helment which is weird but harmless. Believe me, harmless compared to some of the other nonsense that is on this blog. CHUNKY HORSE!

  6. I wonder if Chunky Horse wears a helmet...

  7. Hello!

    Haha your story is just GREAT!
    I'm currently researching for stories like this one for a project! Would you mind having this story published? Of course we will have your identity protected by changing your name, but I can promise to place you in the thank you section of my book and give you all the Social Media exposure as a collaborator (:

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  8. don't you know op? ppl like him have to keep it on otherwise they forgot they took it off.


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