Full of Frap

Story Sent in by Marcy:

Ray found me over OkCupid, came across as a rational human being, and we started our first date with a walk around town. I wore comfy red shoes for the purpose, and as we walked, he pointed at them and said, "Fripple and frapple."

"What does that mean?" I asked him.

He said, "I say it when I think of something dirty. Instead of saying the dirty thing, I say, 'fripple frapple.'"

"So my shoes made you think of something dirty?"

"Frapple fripple," he said, "That's usually a good time for you to change the subject."

We were walking past some buildings that were owned by the school where I had gone to college. I pointed them out and said something like, "These are owned by my old college."

He said, "Frapple frapple, not good enough. That makes me think of dorms and guys you had over to your dorm and frapple frapple all over the place."

I stopped walking and said, "Look, should we just throw this in the can, now? You're behaving like a little kid."

"Little kids. Good. No frapple there. We can keep going. I'll try my best."

He behaved himself through the rest of our walk and through lunch, although he was ultimately just too weird for me. After the meal, I told him that I had a commitment to honor that evening and had to leave. We partied amiably and I didn't plan to have any further dates with him.

That line of thinking was solidified when he sent me an email that I received the following morning, upon waking up. It asked me if I had a good night and if I had accomplished all the "frapple" that I wanted to. If I hadn't, he offered to pick up with the "frappling." I assume that my lack of response was answer enough.


  1. Good for you OP for telling him he was acting like a little kid!

  2. umm okay? the guy is weird good for you op for leaving early!!!!

  3. Way to go, OP. Guy was a total weirdo. Love that expression, "throw this in the can"

  4. These guys who obviously want to get laid should just come out and say it rather than playing these ridiculous games. Just because you're not saying the actual word 'sex' doesn't mean the implication is going to be any more appealing!

  5. Instead of saying nonsense words why not just say nothing at all. Captain Duck is right, if he was upfront about it neither would have wasted their time.

  6. I'm still wondering how he got to "sex/frapple" from comfortable red shoes? I'm guessing foot fetish but, red sneakers....seriously?

  7. What a loser! Glad you ended it fast.


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