Story Sent in by Alfred:

Back when I was using dating sites way more often, I found Cynthia's profile, emailed her, and eventually we set up a date at a restaurant for a week ahead. What I didn't know at the time was that a major snowstorm was due to hit us. I kept an eye on things, but as much as I wanted the date to go ahead that Friday, they let us all out of work early and said that over a foot was expected. It looked like Cynthia and I would have to cancel our date.

I called her to let her know that the storm (that had already started) would prevent the date from happening. She listened patiently as I told her that we should postpone, and then I asked her when a good time would be to reschedule.

She replied, "Okay, so what time am I meeting you?"

"Uh... when? The postponed date?"


I explained again that with the roads rapidly worsening, I didn't think it was safe for either of us to be out. There was a winter storm warning. It was pretty serious.

She said, "So you'll be late tonight?"

It was as if she didn't listen to me at all. Again, I explained that I wasn't going anywhere, and that we should likely schedule any sort of first date for another time.

Her response: "No. Tonight's still good for me. I'll see you then!" and then she hung up. I didn't call her back.

At a little after seven, the time of our previously scheduled date, she called me to ask, "Where are you?"

I replied, "Remember when I called you a few hours ago to tell you that I was postponing the date?"


"...I postponed the date."

She said, "Well, it took me a while to get here, and if I can get here, you can," and she laughed like I was an idiot.

I looked out my window. I was on a side street, but within sight of a main road. The main road looked as though it had barely been plowed, and my street wasn't plowed at all. I said, "There's no way I can make it. My street hasn't been plowed. We'll meet up next week."

"What's that?" she asked, "You'll be here, soon?"

"No! No. Can you even hear me?"

"Watch your tone!" she yelled into the phone, and hung up.

Never heard from her again.


  1. Humm...I don't know if ignoring the actual conversation and stating over and over the conversation you wish you were having counts as a strategy, but she gets points for trying.

    Maybe she was set on getting her driveway plowed that night.

    1. Too bad he flaked, eh?

    2. I don't know, she sounded like an ice queen ;-)

  2. We should hook this chick up with the 'mushroom' guy from earlier... wild horses couldn't keep them apart!

    1. But chunky horses are a whole other story.

  3. Maybe she didn't know what postpone means? :D

    1. Nailed it - she must be wondering what this new type of device is after the iPhone.


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