Women from Melbourne Are All the Same

Profile Sent in by Michelle:

About Me:

Hi there I am Drew:) thank you for coming across my page.

well where do I start? I work hard, I study hard...i am also very educated...thus i do have the power, the power of knowledge...i love communication with people and that is what makes me tick.

its all fun and games;)

however i must add...

I have tried everything on this site since I originally joined in 2010 and since I've never met anybody from here! It is 2 years! and it is just so unreasonable , seriously local women are never contactable! I can never talk to anybody! I am trying so hard to find somebody! But it is just not possible!

so many nice women around my area and in my area and near my street! but those people are so strange! you can never spot them, contact them and approach them!

another guy like myself is stagnating and deteriorating! its a farce! a suburb full of women yet a guy can not find a woman! it is a farce!

how many times I've dreamed to take somebody out for coffee or dinner or a movie ?

What I am looking for:

I have not met anybody from here thus I can not choose, I have no idea and I do not know what to write or say on this site anymore!

PS: local women are not contactable on this site
the matches are not your matches really, if they were they would be contacting you and you would be able to get through them and contact them
i can never do that, it never works! i am always rejected!
women from Melbourne are also not contactable!
technically, i can not be heard because i am ignored or rejected, however i am automatically rejected say 100% of the time and thus the reason why I've never met anybody!


  1. He's right, this is about as farcey as it gets.

  2. "Women" from Melbourne? Why not just say "sheep," we know it's what you meant!

  3. May rather than pouting that the local women are not contacting you, you contact them instead?

  4. I gotta say, there is nothing hotter than a man who whines about being constantly ignored and rejected on a dating profile. Please guys, don't use that space to tell us about yourselves or what you're looking for in a mate. Use it to tell us how you're so creepy and whiny you can't manage to get one woman to answer your messages.

    Women love that shit. We love it more than chocolate covered shoes.

  5. Nothing gets a woman wetter than a bitchy man-child!

    Two years on a dating site and never being able to grab a date...possibly the lamest thing I ever heard.

  6. You keep saying "farce". I don't think that word means what you think it means.

    Ok, wait wait, one more...

    By the power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER...of knowledge!

    1. I LOL'd at that too. "If I have the power, how come women can't be contacted? It is a farce!!"


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