Don't Mess with Musicians

Story Sent in by Sharon:

Charles and I went to the same college and we met at an English Department mixer (although I wasn't an English major). I gave him my number after we had a long chat and he asked me out on a date.

He was really quiet through a lot of dinner, although I caught him staring at me a few times, and when I looked directly at him, he looked away. Okay, so that was weird.

After dinner, we walked over to one of the music practice rooms (he was in the jazz band, I played violin in the orchestra) and we played around with some of the practice instruments.

Not long after we had arrived, he left the room and closed the door behind him. I thought he was just going to the bathroom. But after he was gone for a while, I decided to leave the room and find him.

The door was locked.

Rather, it only locked from the inside, but something was blocking it or jamming it from the other side, preventing it from opening. It was the only door into the room, and so I was in a bit of a panicked state.

I called and called for Charles, but there was no response, from him or from anyone. As the practice rooms were in the building's basement, there were windows, but they were up high, close to the ceiling.

My options were to call someone for help (I still had my phone on me) or to try and exit via the windows. I opted to try the windows first, and if that proved too difficult or dangerous, then I'd make a call to the college police.

I was able to stack a desk on top of the choir risers and actually pull myself out the window and into a rain gutter area that had an unlocked grate atop it. Once I had climbed out of there, I replaced the grate, brushed off my filthy dress, and began a walk to the college police station, to let them know what had happened.

On my way there, I walked by the front of the building, where Charles and a guy I didn't recognize were smoking pot. I thought about confronting him (he didn't see me from where I stood) but instead decided to press on to the police station. Maybe, if the police acted fast enough, they'd be able to catch Charles in the act.

They did.


  1. man that girl is certainly a "buzz kill" LOL

  2. Drugs are bad, mmmmmkay....

    You dodged a bullet there OP. Basement music rooms are way creepy and this could have gone in a very different direction.

  3. I saw a lion he was standing alone, with a tadpole in a jar.

  4. Well played, OP. Even though I like the occasional toke now and then... =)

  5. i dont get it. he locked you in the music room so he could go smoke tree outside the very same building? there are many many better places (and times) to partake. there has to be more to this than we're given here.

    more likely scenario.. he ditched the date - because let's face it orchestra bitches be the craziest bitches. he never locking her in the music room. she happened to find him later (probably not even the same day) smoking tree, and seeking revenge for her bruised ego, decided to rat him out to campus police. the end.

  6. I think he was keeping that vajayjay hermetically sealed under lockdown until he was ready to hit that after tokin' up.

  7. Nothing in a music room is hermetically sealed because of two words.....spit valve.


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