The Best Laid Planes

Story Sent in by Jeff:

Phyllis was scheduled to come back from a business trip the day before our first date. The day she was to fly back, she called me to say that because of an airline issue, she wouldn't be back until the actual day of our date, itself.

I offered to postpone our date if the scheduling would be too hectic, and if she wanted to rest after her trip. She said that she would probably be fine, and that she'd keep me in the loop.

She called me the day of our date to let me know that she'd be flying in later that day. I asked her, "Do you still want to go out, tonight?"

She said she did, and I offered to pick her up at the airport. She told me that she had already made arrangements.

Later in the day, she called to ask me if I would, in fact, pick her up at the airport. I told her it wouldn't be a problem, and she gave me her flight information.

I arrived at the airport shortly before her plane was to arrive, and I waited inside the terminal for her. The plane landed on time and I waited... and waited... and waited. She didn't come through the arrival gate. I tried her phone, and it went right to voicemail. I gave it some more time, tried her again, and she still didn't pick up.

I wondered if perhaps she had been delayed again, or perhaps she was on a different flight. I didn't want to just leave the airport, if she had made that kind of mistake, but it was becoming pretty late. I checked the arrival board after a bit longer, and when I saw that no further planes were arriving that day from Los Angeles (where she was flying in from), I up and left.

The next day, I tried her again. She picked up and asked, "Hey, what's up?" with no explanation as to her whereabouts.

I asked her, "I went to the airport and waited for you, last night. Are you still in L.A.?"

She replied, "No, I'm back," again with no further discussion on it.

I prodded, "When did you come back? I went to the airport last night to pick you up!"

She replied, "I got back in the day before yesterday."

I was incredulous. I asked, "But you told me that you'd be on a plane from L.A. yesterday! We agreed that I'd meet you at the airport! We were supposed to have a date last night!"

After a pause, she said, "Whoops!" then hung up.

Back at you.


  1. Was Phyllis a friend or something before the scheduled date? Because cool kids don't do pain-in-the-ass favors for people they don't know well; it never ends well and even if it is a legit favor and not somebody being a dick, it tends to majorly push on the boundaries of what little relationship actually is there.

    But now you know and knowing is half the battle.

  2. I would have been like hey if you don't want to have a date with me that cool I have other plans too. Then she wouldn't have tried to give you the runaround.

  3. I agree with rawr. A bit more context would help here. I can't see anyone picking someone they barely know up from the airport but maybe the OP is just a really good guy and wanted to impress Phyllis with his awesome picking people up from the airport skills.

    Regardless, Phyllis sounds like a narcissistic bitch. What was the point in the whole charade?

  4. I didn't say the OP should have known she was a bitch. I said that doing a huge, inconveniencing favor for someone you barely know is going too far. Picking someone up from the airport is typically a pain in the ass. The OP showed he was a good guy by going out of his way, but it was a favor Phyllis shouldn't have asked for from someone she barely knew.

  5. LOL @ TheDevilYouKnow & Rawr!

    You want to know what really happened here, let me break it down for you: Phyllis was coming out of the Arrival gate and got a good look at our OP. Not saying Jeff is a CHUD or anything, Phyllis just didn't like what she saw. She left him standing there with nothing but a big sign that said "Phyllis I LOVE U!" in his hand. Totally how it went down.

    1. ^ This. And she didn't know how/want to tell him the truth about it, so she lied and said she arrived a few days earlier.

  6. Rawr, Your comment sounds like you were blaming the Op for date's bad behavior. Judging by given info OP comes across nothing but nice. (I know its his own account, still that's all we have. And we were to doubt, we can say the whole thing is fictional, where do you draw the line?) My own reaction would be to decline the offer if I feel not sure about intention. Op never put her in a poison where simple no wasn't an option, neither to offer to pick up nor to postponing the date.
    However I fail to see what OP did wrong. why OP is being told that hey you were wrong to be way too nice, undertone being what do you expect other than somebody being total jerk to you. All I am saying is OP is not the one who is in need of changing behavior. It's the date.
    Jesus, people! I'd never think there could be anything more black and white than this!

    1. Dude, I am so not blaming the OP for his date's shitty behavior. I think you're reading way more into my comments than what I'm actually putting in there. I don't expect anybody to be psychic and I don't expect anyone to be able to control anybody else's behavior. "Hey, you're better off not doing this in the future because these situations almost always suck, even when all parties have the best intentions." =/= "LOL OP YOU'RE A HORRIBLE SHITTY PERSON AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT YOUR DATE WAS A MASSIVE BAG OF DICKS"

  7. Position* It's the phone, the


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