Just Like a Lumberjack

Email Sent in by Harriet:

Pretty lady! You know that I know you like foreign men. I am tall and dark like they say in the serials, but broad and like a lumberjack. Women like men who are like the lumberjacks and so you should give my profile a look. Maybe you see something you like? Take! Take me please.

I would love to eat a sesame roll with you. You would be the roll, rolled in sesame seeds. They'd arrive in your folds but I would pick them out with a feather. Oh! Oh! oh.



  1. Did... did he just call me fat?

  2. "Like a lumberjack" is much better if you think of the Monty Python song...

    1. "Oh, Bevis, I thought you were so rugged...!"

  3. This one's endearingly looney...

  4. More like "Oh, oh... eew."

  5. He's a lumberjack and he's not ok.


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