Jacket Jacker

Story Sent in by Andy:

On a winter evening on our first date together, Joanna and I were walking from a quick coffee at an Argentinian restaurant to a pastry shop, just down the block, for dessert.

She shivered noticeably and asked, "Can I borrow your jacket?"

I thought it would be gallant to let her borrow my down coat, even if it meant that I'd be a bit colder for a few minutes. I took it off, then put it on her.

"Thanks, sucker!" she said, then ran off.

It took me by surprise, and while I pursued her, she was able to make it to her parked car, jump in, lock the doors, and drive away while wearing my coat.

I was bummed, but since we both attended the same nearby college, I called campus security and informed them of the situation. Less than 24 hours later, I had my coat back.

Joanna never called me or sent me a text or email. No, she decided to show up at my sublet's front stoop two days later, but not to apologize.

"Why'd you have to go and call campus security for, asshole?" she asked.

I said, "Might have something to do with the fact that you stole my jacket."

Then, she lunged into my house and tried to squeeze past me. I grabbed her and shoved her back outside. Then, she tried to bust inside, again!

"Joanna, stop–"

"I want it," she spat, "I want that jacket!"

I shoved her, harder, out from the doorway, then slammed and locked the door. She spent a little less than an hour banging on the door and the nearby windows before she gave up and left. She never explained or apologized for her behavior.


  1. What's to explain? She wanted that jacket! A REAL man lets a woman help herself to anything he owns, without question! Didn't your mother teach you how to properly treat a woman?!

  2. And so, chivalry was ruined once again, by a woman who could not behave as a lady.


  3. Ok...now I want that jacket...gimme

  4. Maybe she wanted to take off your pants and jacket..


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