Condom Con

Story Sent in by Vernon:

On our first date together, at a restaurant, Erin asked me if I was expecting sex that night. I told her I wasn't. She asked me if I was lying, and I said that I wasn't.

After a little bit of talking, she asked if she could sit next to me (we were in a booth) and I told her she could. When she sat down, her hand went into my pants pocket and she pulled out a condom.

"Ha! I knew it!" she said.

The thing was, I never carry condoms in my pants pockets. She must have brought it over to where I was sitting and pretended to pull it out of my pocket, although it was in her hand the entire time.

I told her to go back to her side of the table and she did. She pocketed the condom and told me that she was keeping it. I told her that I knew she was playing a stupid game, and that was our only time out together.


  1. She was just flirting (albeit in a clumsy and obvious way) and almost certainly was sexually interested in you. So, uh, good job chasing off someone who wanted to sleep with you, I guess.

    1. Maybe the OP is not desperate? If the genders were reversed the "creep" outcries would be deafening.

    2. Indeed, janpieter. +10

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. It's not really hard to get a guy in the sack. Women don't usually have to resort to such childish games (oh! a condom!! tee hee!) which just makes this whole thing bizarre.

    OP does kinda seem on the prudish side though. I think most guys would have laughed it off. My guess is Erin wasn't hot and the OP did not want to bang.

  3. I would have told her that it couldn't possibly be mine, since it's not Magnum-sized.

    Of course, then I'd just be setting her up for disappointment later, as I'm hung like a chipmunk...


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