They've Already Replaced My Brain with Authentic Folgers Crystals

Email Sent in by Ben:

Dear Ben:

Sorry it's been a long time since I wrote you. I ended up scratching my computer screen with a pen and then I tried to fix it but made it worse. I inked all over my keyboard and so the whole thing had to be trashed and I lost all your info.

My computer is in a landfill now somewhere and aliens will come down years from now and find it then locate your contact info and if you're still alive then they'll beam you aboard their ship and shove my old computer up your ass but they think they'll be returning it to you, not violating you with it, like 'oh my god this computer has this guy's contact info, it must belong to this guy' and so they will try to fit it everywhere but it fits up your ass best. So sorry abut that in return...

So how've you been?

With grace,


Ben says, "I don't remember ever talking to this girl before."

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