The Spins of Winter

Story Sent in by Jessica:

A few winters ago, Chad offered to take me out to a cafe and then to a local dance place. I had competed (and placed) in a few swing competitions in college, and Chad told me that he co-ran a dance studio with a friend and had even taught swing, some time ago. This implied to me that Chad was a dancer.

He rushed us through our light meals at the cafe and we arrived at the dance a bit before it started. Soon, though, enough couples arrived, the lights went down, and the music started.

Chad's skills at dancing were a bit more limited than he had initially let on. In fact, calling them skills is giving them way too much credit. His dancing consisted of spins. He spun me, he spun himself, and that was all he did. He wasn't even in time with the music. He just spun both of us around as fast as he could.

I was able to make it through about half of the first song when I stepped back and said, "I'm a little dizzy!"

He took my hands and tried to spin me again, saying, "This is how we dance."

He spun me a couple more times before I pulled away. "Seriously, Chad. I have to take a minute, here."

He looked around and asked, "How come no one else has to take a minute? Are you one of those delicate girls who need smelling salts all the time or something?"

I replied, "No, but all we're doing is spinning."

He said, "Everyone around us is spinning! How come we're the only ones talking about dancing instead of actually dancing?"

He reached for me again, but I stepped away. He said, "Okay, bitch," and sauntered away, across the room. He approached a clump of other women who were off to the side. As I watched, he practically grabbed one of them and spun her and spun her and spun her. Somehow, she was able to last for an entire song, but when the next one began, he reached for her again. She put up her hands and said what I guessed was, "No, thanks."

"Come on!" I heard him yell, but she was adamant, and he moved on to someone else.

By that point, I had given up on him and I looked around to see if any lone guys were available. I found a few, as the night went on, and ended up having a good time, all the same.

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