Strung Along

Story Sent in by Dennis:

Carolyn was a local guitarist who I met, actually, by stumbling upon her stuff on MySpace. I struck up a chat with her, listened to all of her stuff, and asked her if she wanted to grab drinks sometime.

When we met up, she told me that she was working on a new track and asked if I wanted to listen to it. I definitely did, so after we were done at the bar, she led me to her car and popped a CD into her stereo. It started out well, sounding like the rest of her music, but a little over a minute in, the CD skipped. Badly. Carolyn, though, didn't move a muscle, or indicate at all that she heard it skipping.

I asked, "Um, should we try a different CD?"


"Because it's skipping."

"It's not skipping," she explained, "That's my song."

The CD time-ticker was blinking on 1:07. It was clearly skipping, and I pointed that out to her. She reprimanded, "That's just how it sounds! Shh!"

I kept my mouth shut, and listened to the skipping CD for another six or so minutes before she switched it off. "What did you think?" she asked, with a straight face.

I said, "I liked the first minute, until it skipped."

She said, "It didn't skip. What didn't you like about the rest of it?"

I replied, "I didn't hear the rest of it."

"Fine," she said, "Good night."

Surprised by her abruptness, I didn't think to argue, and when I stepped out of her car, she took off. The only explanation I could come up with was that she was seeing a way to get rid of me, which is strange, because she agreed to go out in the first place!


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glitch_%28music%29

    1. I didn't realize that glitch actually sought to recreate what would sound to anyone like a badly-skipping CD, complete with stuck time code, in what was otherwise a "guitar music" CD from what the OP described. Sounds bizarre and farfetched.

    2. That doesn't explain the CD player blinking on 1:07

  2. Maybe it was techno? I can never tell when it's skipping.


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