Sometimes, the Phone Is Smarter

Story Sent in by Albert:

Margaret and I walked around a mall together. It was our second date, and I was already pretty sure that there wouldn't be a third one. She was really into herself and it didn't seem to matter to her at all that I was there. It was like a browsing and shopping trip for her, which she could've done on her own time.

She led me to a cell phone store and must've tried out every demo phone in the bunch. She was particularly interested in the smartphones and specifically one model, some Android clone or other.

Well, it was fun, but it soon became late and time to consider dinner. I asked her where she wanted to go, but she was too involved with that phone to pay much attention to me.

She said, "Oh, I dunno," and she kept messing with the phone.

I asked her, "Why don't you just buy it? You really seem to like it." For real, we were in there for close to 40 minutes.

She gave me a look, then pulled out her own cell phone. It was the same exact one as the demo she'd been playing with!

I said, "But that's your exact phone."

She said, "Duh!"

"All right... why did you come in here to play with the demo of a phone that you already own?"

She replied, "I like playing with the demos, is all. All right. Let's do dinner."

We split dinner, and there was definitely no third date.


  1. I never understand why people continue on with dates that involve people e who are self-centered, insane, etc. Just save yourself wasted time & misery and end it. Rather than go to dinner with someone who is more involved with shopping than you, just tell them you have to get going and move on.

    It seems better to just cut your losses.

    1. I've been thinking the same thing.

    2. Date at the mall, "duh,"; I'm thinking they're kids, and he couldn't just leave, because a parent was picking them up.

    3. Exactly, Joanna. They better have been teenagers, which also dovetails nicely into the whole self-absorption and insecurity thing.

  2. Oh wow. Seriously not the brightest crayon in the box!

  3. Not the sharpest cheddar in the fridge

  4. To be honest, even though I wouldn't have been dating at 'the mall' anyway, I could see why he MIGHT have tuck around for dinner.

    If the girl is attractive and / or he is hungry, then he might not have minded going and sitting with her through a 'last supper' - especially if he had travelled far to meet his date.

    I know you Americans and your 100 mile journeys 'down the road' for the most normal visits.

    If she's hot and I'm hungry, then I'm getting dinner - arsed what she's doing. If she wants to hang with me, then she can do what she wants. After that phone episode, she'd be relegated to simply being a pretty girl to boost my self esteem while I'm walking around.


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