One-Night Magazine Stand

Story Sent in by Charles:

Valerie showed up to our first date with a large purse. Once we sat down, she pulled out a copy of Sports Illustrated and handed it to me.

"Thanks," I said, and since I had never really discussed sports with her, I asked, "Why?"

She said, "You're a guy, right?"

"Last time I checked."

"All right, then." She reached into her purse again and pulled out a copy of Maxim and handed it to me.

I took it, but said, "Really? Maxim?"

She rolled her eyes. "Well, you took it. Telling. One more for you." She pulled out a Penthouse.

I asked, "You want me to take it?"

She shrugged. "I bought it for you."

I didn't want to be rude, so I took it, but I did say, "I'm not really into these magazines." Personally, I preferred the real thing.

Valerie stood up, said, "Enjoy your meal and smut," and left me there. Mere minutes after the date had begun, it was over.

Best I can figure, it was a test to see if I'd take the magazines, and that the ones I took were somehow indicative of the sort of guy I was. Truth was, she had offered them, I didn't want to refuse what I thought were (however strange) gifts, and if I had failed her test, then she had certainly failed mine.


  1. You dodged the bullet on that one baby.

  2. I think the OP is lying about the last one....

  3. I like the idea that she has a whole stack of increasingly vile magazines to hand out to test people. It goes through a whole stack of strange porn and then at the bottom of the stack is Telemarketing Times.


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